One day Family Funday

Come and join us on the 25th October for a Family Time Fun Day.

Details can be found:-

Family Time Oct 2018

Systemic Constellations

We have a number of sessions that we will be running at Cassandra Centre.

Workshops looking in a creative way at personal issues which may be troubling you or limiting your ability to progress in your life.

27th October 2018
1st December 2018 – workshop full
9th February 2019
6th April 2019
15th June 2019
7th September 2019
30th November 2019

A constellation can reveal systemic influences and show you where your energy may be blocked. It can show the way to align yourself with your own inner strength and a deeper truth in relation to your family system. During the day you will have the opportunity to do your own work and participate as a representative in others’ constellations.

Further details can be found:-

Systemic Constellations