Jutta ten Herkel, BA (Hon) Psychology

Jutta is a systemic and Gestalt-trained Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor and trained in the early 1990s with Bert Hellinger and others.  She uses the systemic constellation approach in her teachings and her practice and has – for many years – continually contributed to the development of systemic constellation trainings here in the UK and also in Italy, Spain, Romania and Mexico.

She is a Co-Founder and an active member of the Cassandra Centre, a Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse charity in Norbury, SW London, that supports young people in having non-abusive relationships so that they can empower their lives.  In recent years she has expanded her work to include the studies of the Five Realms and teachings from the Seeker After Truth (SAT) programmes originally created by Claudio Naranjo the Chilean psychiatrist, in September 1971. You may visit his website here to find out more.  http://www.naranjo-sat.com 

Very best wishes,
Jutta ten Herkel