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Monthly Networking Event – Chicken N Chat

Based on successfully sessions,  ‘Chicken N Chat’ which was focused and used by young people between the ages of 13-18.  We are offering this again but to a wider audience  to engage a larger age and section of the community. These session will also  have specialist guest speakers.

These sessions will be a place to discuss topics that need to be highlighted not only in our immediate community but across London.

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Family constellation workshop

Cassandra Learning Centre

This workshop offers a powerful method for looking in a new and creative way at personal issues which may be troubling you or limiting your ability with parents, partners or children, illness, depression, anxiety, fatigue, career choices, or your relationship to life itself.

Many such issues stem not just from our personal history, But from the history of our family, culture, as well as
the structure of society we live in.

A constellation has the capacity, as well as revealing systemic influences, to show us where our energy may be blocked at present. We will explore ways that enable you to align yourself with own inner strength and a deeper truth in relation to your family system.

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Systemic Constellation Workshop 2017