The chess club is closed for the foreseeable future due to the ever changing circumstances relating to the Covid-19 rules about social distancing.  As soon as things change for the better and it is safe to restart the chess club, details will be posted up to let you know what’s happening and when the club will resume.  Please stay safe and well in the meantime.

Welcome to the only junior chess club in Norbury where girls and boys as young as 6 years old can learn how to play chess. We specialise in teaching beginners and new players the basics of the game so they can have fun and enjoy learning with other children their own age.  Children will be taught the rules of chess and how the chessmen move around and capture. They will also be shown how to start a game; how to check and checkmate; the 3 special moves, a few tactics and much more as well.

So if your child is new to chess or has not played before, bring them along regularly on Mondays betweem 5.30 and 7.30 pm to have a go.  There’s no need to book up in advance, but do give us a call or drop me an email at to let me know you’re coming.