Stories of hope

Case Study

I had my first child at 15 and was not able to complete my education. I had a much-disrupted relationship with my mother. My partner took over full responsibility of me and our child. He took me away from the family home, it meant that he had full control over me.

The verbal abuse was the first sign followed by jealousy, and accusations of me looking at other men. I was still a teen when I got pregnant with the second child. I gave birth to our second son and was largely dependent on him. The abuse became more frequent, the slaps, putting me down as if I was worthless.

His behaviour got so severe that he revealed his threats to kill me with a machete, and threaten to dispose of my body. I can still feel the coldness of the machete pressing against my forehead. He finally made an attempt to kill me. he used an iron bar to beat me unconscious. The attack happened in the street, I tried to leave him and he was not happy that I was taking control of me.

Police were called Criminal Justice became involved, he was held on remand and finally he was given a Community sentence. It was only then that the abuse stopped.

Years have passed and I am still haunted by the brutal attack that could have ended my life. The boys have grown up and I am getting on with my life. He is not he is abusing his current partner she gave birth to twins.