Examples of recent casework


Our tenacious and dedicated caseworkers Sophie and Chiola help women suffering from domestic violence find safe accommodation by talking to councils about their cases. Where necessary they accompany women to meetings with professionals such as council staff and police. They are kind and supportive.

Below is a small sample of the women we have helped in 2020 and 2021

Client A moved from her family home to London due to sustained domestic abuse. She was
raped while in temporary accommodation but the Council told her she was not vulnerable
enough to move. After we talked to multiple professionals, the council agreed to move A to
new temporary accommodation. We are supporting A to make a complaint to the council.
Client B, a refugee in her 20s, had been left homeless due to domestic violence.

We worked with the council who allocated her a room in temporary accommodation, however this proved to be unsafe and we asked for her to be moved. The council moved her to a hotel with no cooking or washing facilities. We helped her submit a housing application and a complaint and the council has now accepted it has responsibility for finding her permanent housing.

Client C was being stalked by her children’s violent father, who was also sending her abusive emails. We assisted C to get a molestation order to prevent him contacting her or entering the borough and sourced clothing for her and her five children. We also found and worked with another organisation to provide her with weekly food parcels.
Client D was left in temporary accommodation for two years after fleeing the family home with her four children due to her husband’s violence. The accommodation was a substantial distance away from the children’s schools, which had a very negative effect on their education. We supported D in discussions with the council and housing provider, which offered her a new secure tenancy in her own name. D was eventually able to return to the family home. We supported her to manage the risk around this.

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