During the COVID 19 period each Thursday in April and in addition to our regular services, we are offering a free meal delivery service to elderly, vulnerable, disabled and people who are self-isolated. These are individuals and who live within the Croydon, Norbury or Pollard Hill, Wandsworth and Lambeth areas. We have so far delivered over 200 meals and because this has been so successful, we’ve decided to extend this offer to until the end of June 2020. So if you or someone you know would like to benefit from this free service, please contact us and place your order.
The meals will be cooked beforehand and delivered throughout the day on Thursdays between 1.00 pm and 6.00 pm. We will need the name, address and a contact number for each individual as soon as you can, and before midday on Wednesdays, so please ask them to contact us straight away or you can let us know directly.
The Food Pack will contain:
Khoshari  is a traditional Egyptian dish, and it is entirely vegan.  The ingredients are:- Brown lentils, rice, spaghetti, onions, chickpeas and cumin.
Tomato Sauce
The tomato sauce which accompanies the Khoshari contains – tomatoes, chilli, garlic, coriander, cumin and vinegar.
Grilled Chicken Breast
The grilled chicken breasts are marinated in lemon, yoghurt and spices, including tumeric, cumin and coriander.
Some salad will also be included in the pack, and this may contain cucumber, tomatoes, red/green/yellow peppers (not chilli), lettuce and olives.
With your continued help and support, we’re hoping this will be a real success, so hurry and let us know your requirements.  We will also include one of our information cards with the delivery.  This will tell you a little about Cassandra Centre, and how else we can help you during the coronavirus – should you want to contact us – and our contact details.
Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.
Many thanks